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Bathroom Cleaning Habits

Here we go!🌞

Today I want to share with you some bathroom cleaning habits🧼 that can make a big difference in your daily morning routine and nights this will help you keep your bathroom cleaner , having good habits set you up for success in many ways that’s why we are here to learn how we can make this happen its not easy but its also not that hard . its just like when they use to tell you peakup after your self .



The sink you need to give it a quick rinse , Wipe it down  Morning – Night 

bathroom sink


The sink🚰 is one of does that if we don’t rinse and wipe off  it can get very bad you don’t want to see toothpaste, hair very time you need to use it. Its so simple to keep it clean you, can use any multi propose wipes of your preference to disinfect and smelling fresh it will make a huge difference for you it takes you 2 minutes to brush your teeth and another minute to wipe off your sink that’s not bad you can do this right .


Take out the trash 🗑

bathroom trash can

This  habit you can not forget you have to take the trash out constantly because it’s will make your bathroom fill clean you do not want to see it overflowing  , to make it way easier on you leave 7 trash bags in side the trash can this will save you time and stay organized . You change it every day or every 2 days to keep it clean and not having bacterias for to long in your bathroom


Use a organizer tray on your bathroom counter 

bathroom organizer tray

Having an organizer tray will help you keep everything you need where it goes like your hair brush, perfume , lotions🧴 etc. Its so easy use and put it back the next time you need it you will not be looking for it and if there is anything empty please take to the trash don’t leave it there because if not you will be accumulate trash and it just not going to look organized just replace it with a new product I can’t account how many times I seen so many empty bottles of products in bathrooms .


Clean your toilet 🚽


There is so many new disposable toilet brush you need to clean your toilet regularly this will help you with disinfecting this places that needs to be clean at all times it will prevent you from many thing it does not take very long time to do just a few minutes to do  its nothing better than keep a toilet disinfected and clean , you already have the multi propose wipes just wipe off the toilet and you are good .

Floor Mats 


your floor mats I usually wash theme two time per week and if you have another set of mats just switch them but this will prevent your bathroom from smelling bad when we get out of the shower they can get wet and cause bad odor in your bath room and if you hate 2 times a week will help you prevent that .

I hope this couple tips help you creating good habit in you bathroom and if you are like I stay on top of this habits all the time it keeps me living in a clean environment .