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How to keep my makeup vanity clean and organized

Here or Some Helpful Tips To Keep Your Makeup Vanity Clean and Organized ✨💄


Do you  have a hard time keeping  your makeup vanity clean and organize,  you have a very busy schedule each morning or any special occasion, you struggle to find what you need .  Here or  some very helpful tips that will help you find and have everything  you need to when you need them it will give you more peaceful time each day.

Remove- Expired Makeup, Old Makeup Brushes  

Expired makeup — especially those that are ‘liquidy’ — can cause all sorts of problems if you continue to use it past its expiration date. All the broken, cracked makeup also get rib of it that will help you reduce all the mess that its causing and it will stop getting in all of the other makeup, brushes -now that you are done doing this it time for the next step.

cleaning -polishing down all ✨

Know that you already got rib of everything that you don’t need and removed  everything from the vanity. Its time to wipe down all Drawers, Mirrors, Light Bulbs. you could start replacing the light bulbs that or not working , next you need a glass cleaner along with a microfiber towl and polish does mirrors. Next with the drawers you could use all propose cleaner spray or all propose cleaning wipes what best works for you, that will help you soft down old makeup that spilled ,know everything should look clean and shiny .

Organizing Time⏰

Its time to organize and put back everything were it goes make sure if you don’t have one get one- makeup brush organizer it will help you keep them all together after using it each time. the rest of your  makeup, skin care creams keep them separate in there own drawer when you finish using it after each use just put it back where it goes is not that hard to do when you need it again just grab it  safes you a lot of time.

keeping your Makeup vanity clean and organized 😉

If you don’t have one I recommend you get one mini trash can, this help you get rib of everything you don’t need in your makeup vanity and reduce the clutter. Always have your all propose cleaning wipes if anything spills just wipe it down this will help you keep it cleaner and organized for longer periods of time .

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