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Laundry Room Cleaning Tips-

Thetxmaids we are happy to help you achieve that laundry room you want to see .Wondering how do you Keep your laundry room clean and organized makes staying on top of the seemingly endless pile of dirty clothes less stressful. Use these laundry room cleaning tips to streamline your laundry room duties. This are just some of the tips that can help you to enjoy your laundry room and it will make your live more easier and efficient. Okay lets get started most likely you already have this at  home but if you don’t you have to go to your most covenant store like At Homes,Target,and Home Depot. you need to gather broom , dustpan , duster , towels, moop , and a all propose cleaner , window cleaner if you have windows.

  • Steps-
  • Remove all the detergents and everything is on the way
  • Remove the dust from all surfaces starting from the ceiling all the way down
  • Remove Washer/Drayer
  • Sweep the floor
  • Spray the window with window cleaner wipe it down
  • Time to clean the Washer/Drayer you can spray with a all propose cleaner are a hot wet towel to wipe down
  • Moop the floor behind Washer/Drayer then push them back where they go.
  • Finish mopping the laundry room

we hope this tips helped you today,
don’t forget if you live in the service area we serve  and you  need professional help to clean your home we are happy to help                you have a cleaner and safe place.